R1P can raise some innovative ideas for projects of guaranteed profitable investment opportunities. Interested clients can apply for RFP. We appreciate if applicant can notify us about the scope of business that he is interested in.

Terms and Conditions

Disclamer: The following terms and conditions contain confidential information and are intended only for [serious applicants]. If you are not the concerned party, you should not disseminate, distribute or copy this content. Please notify us immediately if you have noticed any in-convenient term/condition.

  1. Applicants might be requested to arrange a meeting(s) with our representatives prior receiving our first outgoing information/document. If that is required, arising expenses for holding such a meeting(s) will be paid by the applicant.
  2. Applicants must present all necessary documents that show their seriousness in their required projects (such as land ownership, permits and financial capabilities).
  3. R1P reserves the rights to accept, reject or disregard any application without disclosing the reasons. R1P also, has the right to reject the application if the field/scope of the suggested project is not in its interests circle.
  4. In some cases, R1P may ask for service fees conditional to prior mutual understandings.
  5. R1P's Projects/investments ideas are (and will remain) the property of R1P unless agreed on else.
  6. Applicants/R1P are entitled to sign a NCND agreement prior R1P disclosing any of its projects ideas.